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Hi, I'm Devesh 👋.
A designer passionate about creating beautiful user friendly productsDesign technologist at
Previously @toothsi , @MakeMyTrip & @MLH.

Hey there! My name is Devesh. I am a Mumbai-based Web developer and a product designer. I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful, and intuitive designs

Building a cohort snapshot tool

Skills Snapshot Survey is a project done for 10kDesigners. It aims to provide effective solutions to students who want a personalised snapshot of their progress throughout the course

January 29th, 2022· 1min read

Selected Work ⭐

Valuable Lessons From My UX Design Journey at MakeMyTrip.

This is just an attempt to share my learnings from my experiences working as a UX designer at MakeMyTrip.

August 31st, 2021· 4min read
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